First Row: Drew Davis, Kyle Winland, Jesse Noble, Coach Gray, Jarod Magon, Mitch Spencer, Nate Jackson
Back Row: John Doaks, Cameron Geresti, Neil Gossett, Mike Lowe, Anastasia Barr, Joe Winland, Nate Carl,
Damon Cupp, Andy Cilia, Nathan Davis, Zack Gonzalez

From the cancellation of the first scrimmage, the program fought for it's survival.  Struggling to field enough players or forfeiting a game would remove the team from the WPIAL schedule for next year. Coach Frank Gray and his team decided - "WE'RE GOING TO PLAY AND WE WILL NEVER - NEVER QUIT -  NEVER!

The team fielded a squad of only 11 players at times and finished a game with 10 players.  Although they never won one game, they never quit - not one game - not one play.
Senior Mike Lowe: "We're just keeping something going for future players"

Cheerleading Captain Anastasia Barr joined the team to help prevent the potential end of the Eagles' season, and some team members stripped their pads at half time to play in the band.

Because of their  courage and sacrifice, the Avella football program will continue along with the Cheerleading squad, the Band, the Friday night football fans and the tradition of homecoming.

We salute the Avella Eagles football team.  Known worldwide, this team is and will be an "Inspiration for generations to come" at every Friday night football game anywhere in the USA.

Accolades came from the front page of the New York Times to a letter of congratulations from Mike Tomlin, Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and MVP certificates from Art Rooney II, the Steelers' President.


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